How To Apply Timeless Liquid Lacquers

Published by House of Uni on 13th May 2016

Liquid lipsticks are becoming more and more popular every day. They contain the pigment of a normal lipstick but they glide on like a lip gloss. Our Timeless Liquid lacquers dry down to a matte finish that is kiss proof and smudge proof (make-out session approved!) All you need is one coat for full coverage but if you want a more vibrant pout you can add two coats. If you want a more stain look then you can always blot your lips after just one coat. They're very versatile to work with and last for hours on top of hours! To some, it can be very drying on the lips since it is meant to last all day. We recommend using a teeny tiny amount of wax-based lip balm before applying the lacquers. If you use too much it can interfere with the formula and they will no longer be kiss proof or smudge proof. If your lacquer feathers when you apply we recommend applying foundation along the edges of your lips when applying it to the rest of your face before you apply your lacquer. These babies are meant to last all day or all night so they may be hard to remove. All you need is an oil based makeup remover and you'll be good to go! We always recommend exfoliating your lips before applying to create a smooth and clean finish. 

Having trouble applying your Timeless Liquid Lacquer? No worries, Goddess Lilly has you covered with a tutorial on how to apply and even get creative with your lacquers: