3 Ways To Determine Your Skin Undertone

31st Aug 2015

We all have purchased a color that we've seen on someone before just to realize it looks nothing like it did on that person on me. If you've never experienced this then you are lucky! For those of us that experience that on a regular basis it's because of your skin undertones. No matter how dark or light your skin is or how exact you think it is to someone else, you may have a different undertone than another person.


Generally, undertones fall in one of three categories: warm (also called yellow or olive), cool (red or pink), and neutral. There are several ways to determine which category you may fall under, but we'll share with you the 3 most common ones. 

1. Look at your veins on the underside of your wrist (warm undertones make your veins look greenish, and cool undertones make them seem purple). 

2. Wrap a white towel around your face to make your undertones more visible. When you remove the towel look in the mirror - a bluish tint indicated cool, greenish confers neutral and yellowish means warm. Make sure to use natural lighting since fluorescent bulbs have a misleading green tint. 

3. Take a quick glance at your jewelry collection. Gold tends to flatter warm undertones, while silver tends to go best with cool ones.

So the next time you go make-up shopping don't be alarmed when that to die for color you've always wanted doesn't look how you thought it would!